Memorial Day weekend Ideas for Family and Preschoolers


Are you a last minute planner like me or do you have your Memorial Day weekend already planned? If you are like me that has no plans then you are in a hurry to make the best of this Memorial Day weekend.  This is our first weekend back in New Jersey since we lived in Florida.  Now the plans here are entirely different than Florida plans.  Before it was either Busch gardens weekend or the Beach.  Now the weather is not too bad in New Jersey so we might be able to do a few activities that can be done outdoors.  But I always like to plan outdoor and indoor activities just in case Memorial Day weekend turns out to be a wash out.

I love to embark on new adventures and trying out new things.

Here are some of my favorite places:

  1. Point Pleasant Beach is the place that I always go to for Memorial Day weekend.  It’s just a sign for me that summer is around the corner.  The kids always enjoy the beach anyways so why not just head over to the beach and have some fun.
  2. Liberty State Park: The view from this park is absolutely breathtaking.  You can see the whole city in a glimpse and even get to see the Statue of Liberty as well.  And if you plan it correctly, you can even stop at the Liberty Science Center first and then take a stroll in the Liberty State Park.
  3. New Jersey Botanical Garden has been one of my favorite places to visit and the kids love it.  If you are looking for different beautiful scenery, then this is the place to go.  The kids will love the flowers and they will love all the activities that are always there when you visit.  I have to say that every time I visit there is some kind of activity going on and it’s been wonderful.

I hope this helps you better decide where you might be going for this weekend.  But, if you are still unsure don’t worry I am sure something will come to mind.  Otherwise, just crash at someone else’s BBQ and eat up this weekend. 

What memorial day ideas family and preschoolers do you have? Have fun and Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone

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