Nunaat Karite Special Line with Shea Butter

KariteSpecial-Collection-ForWebEver since I left my hair curly every day of the week for the past two years, my hair has become brittle, damaged, and dry.  My friend told me about Nunaat Karite products and how well it worked on her hair.  So, when Nunaat contacted me about trying out their products, I was extremely excited to try a new product that will make my hair healthy again.

Before I start talking about these products, I just want to state that Nunaat did not in any shape or form pay me to write this review.  And this review is based on my honest opinion about the products.  I tried these products for a month before I even wrote about this because I wanted to see if there was any significant change in my hair.

After reviewing their website I chose to try out the Nunaat Karite special collection because it is made for dry, damaged, and broken hair; and that described my hair in a nutshell.  These are the benefits that this product line has:

  • Packed with Vitamin A,D, E and F
  • Protects hair from harmful sun damage
  • No oily buildup or greasy residue
  • No clogged pores
  • Rehydrates, restores and revitalizes dry, damaged and brittle hair
  • Restores natural brilliance to chemically-processed hair
  • Protects hair from damage caused by daily flat iron use

I received the complete Karite Special Line with Shea Butter.  This is the list of products they sent me:

  • Karite Nourishing Shampoo
  • Karite Reconstructive Conditioner
  • Karite Special Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  • Karite Special Leave-in Detangler
  • Karite Thermo Active Anti-Frizz

After the first use, I felt that my hair was clean and it was manageable.  That is very important to me because my hair can sometimes be very unmanageable.

My disappointment with the product was that after using the entire line, I did not see enough shine in my hair.  I usually like to see a lot of shine with my hair products.  That would be my recommendation to Nunaat.

Out of the entire line, my two favorite products that I will continue to use is the leave in conditioner and the Anti-Frizz Thermo Active.  If you are like me, that blow dries your hair constantly, then the Thermo Active product is right for you.

Overall, I liked the products because it did not leave my hair oily.  It is a great product that improved my hair from all the damage that I caused over the years.  Here are my before and after shots.

Nunaat Beforeafter shots review2 Have you used Nunaat hair products? If so, I would love to hear from you.  If not, then don’t forget to visit the website.


Check out nuNAAT on their website at and on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


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  • mail4rosey

    I like that you noted manageability because sometimes it is hard to tame hair, especially if it’s curly. I like a nice shine too, but I only miss it if it’s something I’ve noticed with a product before, most times I don’t think about it. 🙂 I’d try any one of these. Thanks for the info.

    • You are absolutely right. Taming my hair is like a mission every day so this product definitely helped a lot. I would love to hear after you try the product to see if it helped.

  • Alaina Bullock

    I have naturally curly hair, and I have tried this line before. I loved it! It made it soft and shiny, with little frizz!

  • Danielle

    Great information, thanks so much for sharing. My teen daughter has naturally curly hair and I think this would be a great product for her!

  • Sabrina L. Dix


  • mcdonuts

    I think you have a beautiful shine!