October Breast Cancer Awareness


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and so many of us are getting affected by Breast Cancer that it only serves us right to actually support it in the name of a cure.  I never used to think about breast cancer because it never really hit home until my cousin actually got it and passed away.  She was young, beautiful, and had so much ahead of her; she will always be remembered in my heart.

I know that by now you are thinking who my cousin was.  She was a young woman that absolutely loved her family and took care of them.  She would do anything to take care of her parents and she was an excellent teacher.  All of her students loved her so much that they even did a memorial in her name.  She was adventurous and loved to have a good time.  When she was struck with cancer, she fought this battle until the very end.  Among many things that she was, my favorite was that she was my cousin.  We had many sleepovers and great times that we shared together that I will always cherish.  She left a legacy behind and that is to fight that battle even though it may seem impossible.  And I will always love her for that because she had a big and brave heart.

How many of us have had cousins, aunts, mothers or someone special in our lives taken from us because of cancer? Breast Cancer is affecting millions of women and statistics can speak for itself.  Why is this becoming more common and almost like an epidemic?   No matter how much we would love to avoid this; it is not going away.  It’s time that we all got together in this cause and try to make a change.  Everyone needs to get tested early but most importantly we need to raise more money for awareness.

Let’s unite and stand together to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.  We can stand united and with God’s grace we can fight this battle together.

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