Prom makeup tips for your teenager!

2734655421_ceefe7ddc5_zIt’s that time of year again where we see our teenager go off to prom or to a dance.  The question is how do you do makeup for a teenager? What kind of makeup is appropriate for your teenager without looking too much of an adult?  It can be for a special event like for Prom or even deciding if your teenager should be wearing makeup.

I would recommend eye shadows for your teenager and especially light colors.  Matte eye shadows can make them look a little older so stick with eye shadows that have glitter as well.  Add a little blush too to give them that little glow.  Try to stay away from eye liners becausein my opinion it makes them look more mature.  Also, I feel that eyeliner and foundation can age your skin a lot quicker.  Teenagers do not really need to wear foundation unless they have bad acne and you want to use the most coverage.  But the beautiful thing about this time in their lives is that they can be beautiful and natural at the same time.

If you teenager does not want to wear makeup, then let them be without it.  That’s great because their skin can stay young and beautiful without all the chemicals.  But if your teenager is dying to wear makeup, then don’t ban it from them either because they are going to want to put the makeup.  As long as you teach them how to do it correctly, then I would not worry too much.

Let me know your results.  If you can post pictures, please post them!

Here is a video that I thought could be useful!


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  • Kathy Herren

    I’m a boy I will never get to “play dress-up” 🙁

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    Great Tips Glitter Is Good I Love That Idea Can’t Wait Til They Get Older!

  • Danielle (Todays The Best Day)

    Oh how fun!! Prom is so so fun – Cant wait for the stage in life with my little one!

  • Carolina

    My little one is still small, but am looking forward to prom later with her. =)