Representing Washington Heights

A new show has just begun to depict what is supposed to be Washington Heights.  As usual, it is misleading and makes it seem like living in the heights is hype and some kind of rooftop party is always happening but that is not the case at all.  That is not how I remember growing up in the heights.  In some ways, there is some truth as far as how people always make the best of any situation and how as long as there is food around then there is always a get together.

The heights as I remember it was always the typical dominican man playing dominoes on the corner, blazing bachata music and the smell of fried foods everywhere.  As you walk down the streets of the heights, you see pretty girls dressed up with the tightest clothes you could ever find because in the dominican culture you must wear tight clothes.

Predomininantly many dominicans live in the heights so if you are not dominican then you won’t understand why you have vendors on the side of the street selling everything and anything or why they always have to blast their music.  As I grew up around this rich culture, I found myself having a love/hate relationship.  I loved the commadre and proudly stand as being a part of a culture who fight to succeed and doest not take no for an answer.

With that said,I have but nothing but the best wishes for the show.  I hope that it can become more of an inspirational show where it can encourage those who still live there and are trying to succeed.

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  • Chucho Martinez

    So, what is the name of the show?

    • charisbydesign

      Sorry the name of the show is Washington Heights on mtv. I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks.