Selling shoes on vending machines?

3755345315_444223c10fHow many of us have visited the mall and seen tech vending machines that sell iPods and cameras? Instead of buying an iPod, how about purchasing a pair of flats from a vending machine.  Rollasole provides convenient packable flats in vending machines.  How many times have you left the house with the cutest heels or stilettos but didn’t realize how painful they are; and by the end of the night you just want to throw them away no matter how cute those heels are!

Rollasole truly are a genius! The company now has five machines in nightclubs throughout Vegas.  The styles sold in the machines are not the best quality but then again after a long night with heels anything feels better than wearing stilettos.  They may want to think about expanding to New York City.  I can definitely see this working.  Man, why didn’t I think of this idea…lol.

So what are your thoughts on this company?  Do you see this expanding throughout the country like Redbox? Let me know your thoughts.


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