Sequin Fashion Bustier

Sequin Peplum Bustier - WEB

Fashion bustier is always in style no matter what season you are in.  Especially, a sequin bustier because it comes in handy when you have to go out to a cocktail party or just a night out with the girls.  Another reason to go with a sequin fashion bustier is because this item is easy to get in and out of throughout the day, and you’ll be happy with the way that you look even with just a little bit of makeup.

If you are not sure what kind of bustier to choose, then go with a neutral color.  It gives the illusion of being more expensive than it actually is.  Are you still not comfortable with a bustier? Then layer it with a cotton blazer and it makes you look more sophisticated and casual at the same time.

Be honest with yourself and know your body shape.  If the bustier is going to make you look bigger, shorter or rounder then don’t choose this item.  At the same time, style today is more about mixing and matching outfits and trying to make an item that you love work for you.

Also consider planning what to have in your wardrobe.  Create an inspirational board…this is why I love Pinterest.  It puts everything you love into one big picture.  Break out from the regular solids and get some fun prints or a sequin fashion bustier that will give you a fun new look to wear.

How would you wear a bustier?


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