Shock value for fashion gone wrong

How far is too far?  Throughout time, celebrities have pushed the shocking value to the limit. They dress ridiculous (in my opinion) to get the attention they crave and to create buzz in the entertainment industry.  Many have generated so many outrageous outfits that it eclipses their career and places a focus on their wardrobe.  Whether we like it or not, these celebrities are impacting the entertainment world as people across the globe discuss their incredible outfits.   The first person that comes to mind is Lady Gaga.  The worst outfit was the one created out of meat.  In my opinion, it created a lot of buzz for all the wrong reasons because I no longer see her as a striving artist but just someone trying all too hard.

To grab headlines, many celebrities resort to doing some questionable actions.   The most recent one is Madonna showing her nipples to her audience.  I thought that Madonna had matured when she became a mother but I guess some things just never change.  It is all about breaking news for celebrities.  What scared me the most was that no one really even talked about it on the media?   That’s how much value has decreased over the years.  If Madonna would have done this back in the 80s, her albums would have been taken off the shelves or something would have been done to make a difference.  Nowadays, it’s not that big of a deal.  Showing some type of nudity is beginning to be a norm.

So how does this relate to me? Well, I think that many women try too hard to get attention.  They dress provocatively to get someone’s attention or even just to become popular.  I have seen it all…from a woman dressed in a white shirt wearing no bra to sheer pants with no panties.  I do think that these women are getting the attention but I don’t think it’s the kind that they want to get.

When I choose an outfit, I think to myself, how would this look on facebook?  I seriously have to think like that because everyone has an HD camera on their phones and can post it on facebook within seconds.  Times have changed so much that there is no privacy.  However if you are cautious with how you dress, then there really should not be a problem.

In my opinion, you don’t have to provoke or shock people to get people’s attention or to feel special.  There are many other ways that you can do that without having to expose yourself.


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  • Vickyrola

    I agree with your point. It is very hard in this day and age to dress modestly. Everyday it gets harder to find clothes in the stores that are not too revealing. As a woman you definitely want to get attention for the right reasons.