Smooth over your skin for winter with Borghese

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As the seasons change so does our skin too.  Right after the summer is over and fall begins, it is super important to look for a moisturizer that is going to take you through the fall into the winter and all through the year.  A very good moisturizer is essential to help your skin transition through the seasons.

The moisturizer promises protection from premature and visible signs of aging. Vitamins C and E are proven and powerful antioxidants.  Squalane, Bisabolol, and Hyaluronic Acid help to hydrate, soothe and restore your skin which leaves it sublime, soft and beautifully luminous.

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I absolutely fell in love with this moisturizer.  In my opinion, it is not too thick and it really does hydrate my skin.  As you apply the lotion, there is a fresh scent to the lotion.  It does not smell like medicine like other lotions that I have used in the past but it smells like you just washed your face and it smells clean.  I love the fact that it does not smell too much like perfume.  Borghese claims that it is a barely- there feel, however, I did feel some kind of richness to the lotion.  It did feel like you had lotion on your face but it was not too heavy where you cannot apply makeup over the lotion.  Personally, I love this moisturizer because it hydrates dry skin, smells great but most importantly it does the job.

Have you tried this moisturizer? If so, what are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back!


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