“It’s already 9:30 PM…..I worked a full day…..I had fries with my mini burger at Ruby Tuesdays, I already messed it up today…….It’s just the AB workout, not like it’s a big cardio one I’m missing……it’s just one day, I can do it tomorrow……..”  These were the excuses I tried to convince myself of last week when I didn’t want to make time for my daily T25.  Thankfully I am wise enough to know a legit excuse from the others.  After much internal battle, I stopped listening to those excuses in my head and just did the darn 25 minute workout.  Gotta love T25 and all that good stuff I can do in just 25 minutes.  It kind of takes the excuse out of an excuse when it’s literally 25 minutes.
I was out of town Friday-Sunday and am looking to starting my week with my workout buddy tonight.  Today marks my beginning of the Beta workouts on T25.  I have completed 5 weeks of T25, and am ready to graduate to the next level of the program.  I had a taste of one of the workouts last week, and let me tell you, it sure is different.  The Alpha level is a good foundation, but in Beta you definitely take it to the next level.  I’m looking forward to the change in workout.
My victory this past week is that this morning I was finally able to put my wedding rings back on!  I’m crediting the weight loss, not the loss of humidity in the air.  Another non-scale victory is that I went into work last week and ran up the 2 flights of stairs to get to the office….not even a bit out of breath.  Not only am I appreciating a body without someone smushed in between my vital organs and a foot in my ribs, but I’m enjoying the science behind exercise and how God created our bodies to respond to the hard work of it all.  Behind the physical strength gained is just as much personal strength that helps me to be disciplined to take care of this body and truly enjoy the energy that runs through it.  As my precious 10 week old little girl bounces in her chair next to me, I am thrilled to be able to make this commitment to health to ensure that we will have many tea parties together.
What is your non-scale victory?  Set that goal this week and see for yourself how wonderful it feels to reach it!  Jeff is having another T25 Challenge this month, get in on that!
Have a great week!
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