Summer makeup ideas 2014


As Summer is in full throttle, you have to take the time to look your best and look the trendiest. Summer only comes once a year so take full advantage of it while you can.  Because I did not want to miss out, I asked a friend of mine, Angelica a Beauty Consultant, about the hottest trends right now for this Summer.

Here are the top looks to look out for when shopping for new makeup:

1.  Graphic eyeliner: If you really want to make a gorgeous effect, then you need to try the graphic eyeliner.  Back in the Pre-fall 2012, Chanel introduced this look in the Dubai fashion show and it really wowed the audience.  Two years later and this look is getting stronger and better.







2.  Orange lips: I am totally hooked on the orange lips! Usually, I am not big on this color but I am completely captivated with this color now because it can really uplift your outfit when you have a fantastic lipstick.  The trick with wearing orange lipstick is to pair it with a subtle eye shadow.  My advice is not to wear a strong eye shadow color along with this color.  It can totally clash but that’s just my personal opinion








3.  White eye shadow: Another favorite look of mine because it can really look great in the morning and night.  It’s a transitional look that can look subtle and elegant at the same time.  The beauty of wearing eye shadow is that you can pair it with almost any lipstick.









If you have tricks up your sleeve, please go ahead and share them here because I always like to hear new ideas.

Makeup was done by Angelica Andujar, Beauty Consultant.  If you need makeup done, questions, and tips about the latest trends, please feel free to contact Angelica Andujar at her instagram page:

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  • Michelle F.

    That is some great looking makeup. I love the graphic eyeliner.

  • Debi

    Those are bold choices. I prefer more natural looks but my friend wears bright clothes.

  • ParentingHealthy

    How fun is that. Love the first example.

  • Farrah AFM

    I really like the wing eye liner look right now. 🙂