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Liquid foundation vs mineral foundation

e.l.f. Mineral Mineral Glow

It is very hard to determine what kind of foundation to use that can work really well with your complexion.  With so many options, which one is better? Liquid foundation versus mineral foundation.  In my opinion, it really depends on your complexion and what kind of coverage you are looking to achieve.

Liquid Foundation Generally, many women choose liquid foundation because it is just one that has been around for ages.  There are oily or water based foundation to choose from depending on your complexion.  First, determine if you have dry or normal skin.  For women who have dry or normal skin, then you can choose an oil based foundation.  If you have oily skin, then choose water based foundation.  Choosing the right color is super important.  I always test it before I buy it and I test it on my face to see how it really looks.  One little tip is to also use a primer before applying the foundation.  It makes the foundation last all day and can smooth out your face so that it can look flawless.

Mineral Foundation For women with rosacea, I think this does a good job as far as covering those rosy cheeks.  There are no dyes or perfumes with this foundation so it works well for women who have allergies.  This can be applied either with brushes or sponges.  I prefer brushes because you can get more coverage and it doesn’t look cakey.  But, for those of you who like a thicker look then you may use a sponge to apply the foundation.  I always like to add a primer before applying the mineral foundation.  It really minimizes lines or any wrinkles on your face.

Please test out your foundation first on the side of your face.  It is important to see if your skin reacts to the chemical beofre you go out to an event.  You don’t want to buy new makeup and put it on the same day of a big event.

There are many options out there today and you do not even have to choose a brand name.  Drugstores carry cheap makeup that can be just as good as the expensive ones.  Below I have added a youtube video to help you choose great drugstore makeup products.


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