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Tinted moisturizer review

For those of us who have a flushed face all the time or just prone to acne, may find that a quick fix is to use tinted moisturizer.  This is a great way to cover up small blemishes but the only downfall is that it may leave your face a little bit shiny.  A great tip to fix a shiny face is to use powder on top of the moisturizer.  It will leave your face, in my opinion, flawless.  Here are my top five tinted moisturizer review:

1.  Chanel Hydramax Tinted Moisturizer- I love chanel products in general.  It is expensive but some of the products are worth it.  I really like this tinted moisturizer.  My only disappointment is that it does not have different shades.  For that reason, I feel like it does not do a great job as far as coverage goes if you have acne or blemishes.  I like the fact that it makes your face feel refreshed and gives it a bit of a glow.  This is great for the weekends when you are on the run to the supermarket and just don’t want to wear heavy makeup.

2.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- Oil free.  It can cover up redness on your face or small acne.  I don’t think that it will cover up acne as well as a liquid foundation.  I feel like this is a great product because it is lightweight and it can really moisturize your face.  One tip is to make sure you apply primer before using the moisturizer so that it can stay longer on your face.

3.  Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer.  It is a great moisturizer than can provide a little bit of coverage and a glow at the same time.  There are vitamins that also works to improve your skin as well.  I was pretty impressed with this product considering the mixed reviews that I have heard throughout the years.  I always hear it is overpriced and not worth it.  But I actually disagree and think that it is a great product to use.

4.  Nars Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer.  It offers a good amount of coverage but what is unique about this product is that it gives your skin a little shimmer.  It will minimize certain flaws but it will not do much coverage as a liquid foundation.  This is a great product for the summer because it doesn’t make you sweat.  Other products have a tendency of doing that and that is why you have to wear powder along with the moisturizer.

5.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer.  This foundation is great because it has many functions all in one.  It can protect you from sun damage, retinol treatment and moisturizers your skin.  I think it is a great product, except for the fact that it leaves your face too shiny.  If you have this problem, then use powder as I have said before and it will do the job.

The advantages of wearing a tinted moisturizer is that it does double duty as opposed to just using foundation.  I think that if you use it properly then you can make your face look absolutely flawless.  This is if you pair it with a powder or even concealer.

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