Teresa Giudice sentenced to Prison. How far do you go to make money?


Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Guidice and her husband were both sentenced to Jail.  It is definitely a sad moment for the family considering there are four beautiful girls that will miss their parents desperately.  The question that lies is how does someone get to that point?  Why take such risks in life considering that there are kids in the mist? This is what I really want to talk about and in no way am I bringing down Teresa as a mother or a person because I am no one to judge.

At the end of the day, anyone who does any wrongdoing will have to pay for their bad choices so why would a celebrity think that they can get away with the bad choices that they make in life.  In my opinion, I think that sometimes people get so caught up with money and the lavish life style that they want to keep up with everyone else and do whatever it takes to keep that lavish lifestyle.

In life, I know that I want to provide my kids with the best and wish I had more money to do that. Of course, who doesn’t want to live the best life.  However, would I risk everything I have with my kids to have a better lifestyle?

The best part about life is that everyone gets free will and can make their own choices.  I just hope for the best for Teresa and her family and hope that she can be with her girls again soon.



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