Tips on how to dress vintage

As a former New Yorker, fashion literally surrounds you and inspires you.  Consignment shops and thrift stores was just always the kind of places that you always shopped.  This is what I love the most about New York; the fact that there are small independent stores that existed in NYC.  Utilizing these clothing stores to give you a vintage look becomes a cinch.  The question becomes do you know where to start when it comes to how to dress vintage?

One of my readers asked me what advice do I have if they wanted to dress vintage?  Here are a few tips on how to dress vintage.  When you visit thrift stores, always plan out the pieces that you want to get before you even get to the store.  I’m always in the lookout for floral dresses; they are always a classic piece to buy as well as buying black dresses.  You can dress up these clothes and accessorize them.

Here is a mental list that I note to myself before actually making it to the store:

1.  Decide which era you want to dress in for that day or week.  Is it the 60s, 70s or 80s?

2.  Accessorize according to the era.  Research what kind of accessories were in at that time.  Every era truly has their own story to tell and how you tell your story is what makes it interesting.

3.  Style your hair accordingly.  If you are going for the early 20s, then cut your hair in a bob.  If you are going for the 70s look, long curly hair was the style. In the 80s, it was a whole lot of hairspray so make sure to put your hair really high and with lots of hairspray.

4.  Classic pieces to also get are vintage jackets, leather jackets or cardigan sweaters.

When I think about wearing vintage, it’s also about how you wear the vintage piece.  I lean more towards mixing and matching, utilizing your favorite vintage pieces, and mixing it with the modern.  I can guarantee you that there are stores that will have pieces with a vintage look and can sometimes be cheaper than when you buy them in vintage.  It’s how you make the most of it, for example, below is a black dress that has a vintage look and with the right accessories you can own this dress and give it a different look.


Mix and match and have some fun!

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