Tips for healthy eating before thanksgiving feast

I love food so much that I consider myself to be an emotional eater.  I can eat absolutely anything at any time when am feeling down, upset or stressed.  I pick up something that I know I am not supposed to have at that time.  After I eat, I get really upset that I ate that way and then beat myself up by having something else to eat.

This is the wrong time to start a diet or restrict myself from eating.  But, I am tired of putting off for tomorrow for something that I should clearly start today.  With that said, I say it is never too late to start dieting and look great just in time for Christmas.  Here are my rules:

Rule#1–  Exercise! I have found that what works for me is when I workout first thing in the morning.  I think that when I don’t do it first then I find every excuse in the book to not exercise.  I really have to start pushing myself to get my butt out of the house and go to the gym.

Rule #2- Drinking water! Even though I hate drinking water, I have to drink lots of it.  I understand that sometimes you can confuse hunger for thirst.  I am incorporating water by purchasing a cool looking thermos to keep track of how much water I drink at the end of the day.

Rule#3- Choose my nighttime snack wisely.  I never use to eat snacks at night but after having the baby I became huge on eating late snacks.  Now this habit does not want to go away.  The only way that I can improve this habit is by eating healthy snacks late at night.  I have to either get a fat free or sugar free snack or some type of fruit or vegetable.  This will be tough and a challenge but if I focus on the end result then I think it could be doable.

Rule#4- Adding protein to my meals.  It is obvious that you are not only going to eat protein because then you will be following the Atkins diet.  Please do not get me wrong I support the Atkins diet and actually do it from time to time.   But, I think the point of having more protein and some carbs is because when eat more carbs you can gain some weight.  Protein fills you up quicker and holds you up longer.  The carbs that I have incorporated is wheat.  But, I only have a little bit and I have them on those days when I have really bad craving to eat carbs.

Rule#5- Cheat day.  I truly believe in one cheat day because it gives you room to indulge on all the stuff that you really want to enjoy.  The holidays is around the corner so I plan accordingly.

These are my first rules for now.  I will continue to share more of my tips and rules as I start seeing results.  Don’t let the holidays get the best of you.  Go out there and make a difference for yourself by not having to rely on some kind of magic pill but by really working hard to make yourself look better and feel better.

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