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Big dresses, big hair, and bling everywhere pretty much describes last night Emmy’s.  Even though that whole stunt with Tracy Morgan was a little unexpected but it wasn’t so bad.  The best part of every red carpet event is of course to see what the new trend the celebrities were going to set and what the top dresses for the Emmy awards.  There were some outfits that were brilliant and of course some that were not my favorite but I think that every celebritity looked amazing in their own way.

Two dresses that of course stuck out in my head was the yellow dress worn by Julianne Moore and the mermaid dress by Sofia Vergara.  The yellow dress by Julianne Moore was absolutely terrible even though she is pretty; the dress did her no justice.

Sofia Vergara wore a mermaid dress that she absolutely rocked.  I never thought that a mermaid dress could look sexy and pretty at the same time.  The color was fabolous and classy; it did not show too much cleavage and it changed my way of looking at a mermaid dress.

Which one is your favorite dress?

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