Top tips to instill the love of learning in your child- Guest post

study kidEvery parent wants their child to want to learn for the joy of learning, not just to pass an examination. In order to instill a deep rooted love of learning in your child, start when your child is still young. With the right support and encouragement, your child will have a strong sense of confidence and the basis for lifelong success.


Be positive

To spur your child on when they falter, make sure you always look at the positive side of things.



Reading with your child can be a rewarding experience for both of you. Set the correct example for your child by having books around the house and experiment with different mediums, such as audio books.

Take your child to your local library for a little field trip and express your appreciation for reading.



Playing games that require thinking can be a source of hours of fun. Try chess or board games such as scrabble to polish your child’s analytical and spelling skills.


Encourage questions

When your child asks you a question, make sure you find out the correct answer and explain it to them. Avoid saying ‘I don’t know’.



Talk to your child about their day, and about subjects they find interesting. Ask them their feelings about various issues without passing judgment.


Do not offer rewards

Let learning in itself be the reward instead of offering an incentive to learn. A reward will undermine their pleasure in the activity as the focus shifts from the activity itself to the achievement of the reward.


Turn off the technology

Make sure your child is not always propped up in front of the television or playing with a mobile phone. Get them to go outside and explore their surroundings for a few hours every day.


Use technology to your advantage

Although too much tech can have an adverse effect, moderation is key like in everything else. Invest in educational software and stimulating skill based games.


Hands on activities

Let your child learn to be responsible whilst learning by caring for a pet or growing a plant. Teach them about the animal or plant and how to carry out observations.


-Play dates

Organise regular play dates with other children. Socialisation and interaction with other children will play a huge part in teaching your child skills such as sharing and being a part of a group.


-Make learning fun

Activities such as cooking and baking can be an excellent source to teach maths and reading skills. Let your child follow a simple recipe and teach them how to multiply or divide the recipe and the consequences of straying from directions, either good or bad.

Take your child with you the next time you go grocery shopping and let them work out how much you have to pay and budgeting skills.



Encourage your child to pursue a hobby or a sport. Make sure it is something that is of interest to them and do not push them into anything they might not be enthusiastic about.


About the author: Joanna Robinson is a nutritionist and a physical instructor. She is experienced in providing health related advices. These days she is writing articles about kids and the Graco travel system

I will like to thank Joanna Robinson for submitting this great post!

Disclosure: This guest post was submitted by Joanna Robinson.  Her opinions are her own.

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