Travel in style for this Spring

8540508443_99e394472b_mIt’s the time of year where everyone takes a mini-vacation or a getaway. Spring break is already here or just around the corner. Fashionable travelers love making some kind of stylish statements. As you venture out to the world, you have to dress appropriately because you still have to battle the metal detectors and temperature changes; but you can still travel in style. You can keep your sophistication and elegance while still being comfortable.

Packing like a pro can be very stressful so it’s all about preparing yourself for the worst.  Double up on your toiletries, cosmetics and medication.  You never know when they might actually lose your luggage.  Make sure your carry-on bag can hold a set of underwear, bag of toiletries and medications and any other essentials that can hold you up for a day or two.


Here are a few outfit tips for you to keep in mind while you travel in style.

1.  Maxi dresses may not be something that you think of when you are planning a trip but it is very practical.  This kind of dress can keep you warm if it’s cold, if you are hot then you can hike it up to cool yourself down.  If you pair it with comfortable sandals and a cardigan, then your trip will be extremely comfortable.

2.  Break away from the usual and be different.  Choose cargo pants and a hoodie that can look great together and flatter your body.  Find some booties or wedges that can be tied all together.

3.  A scarf can keep you warm if you are stuck in a cold cabin and you can just stuff it in your bag if it’s too hot.  Add some skinny jeans, loose top and cute ballet flats and you have polished a comfortable Bohemic style.

4.  Stay away from wearing white.  Traveling can be long and getting a spill off is not easy.  It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a tracksuit either.  Make better decisions so that you don’t have to look like a slob.

The trick is to have an effortless style and chic.  Functional fashion and beauty just go hand in hand so make the best of it.  Dress appropriately but most importantly have fun! Life is too short and having some fun is always necessary because it keeps your thoughts in perspective.



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  • Becca Wilson

    I love when I go on vacation somewhere where I know no one! You can be as sassy as you wanna be 🙂

  • Tabitha Vos

    I am getting ready to travel next week, these tips will come in handy!

  • Michelle Nahom

    Good tips!! When I travel I try to bring things that I can wear over and over again, if I need to. Maxi dresses sound like a great idea!