Welcome 2013!

I took some time off to be with family and friends and really get to enjoy the holidays.  It is important to take some time to yourself and be able to really share time with the ones that you love.

Reflecting back on 2012, there are so many new years resolution that everyone makes around this time.  I always write a list of things that I want to do but this year I am going change it from just a resolution to actual goals.  Maybe I am just trying to trick my mind into thinking that I do better with goals than with resolutions.


My number one goal this year is to lose weight! Here is to a new and exciting year!



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    Yes, I think we all need to relax our minds and bodies at some point, and most people seem to do this during Christmas and New Year.

    Losing weight can be fun if you get a group of friends together to help each other out. One can plan healthy nutritious meals, another can find tasty healthy drinks/treats, another can plan outdoor exercises using the environment as equipment, and the list is endless.

    I’m sure you’ll be successful in achieving your goals. Happy New Year.