What are your thoughts on a red carpet @Joan Rivers funeral?


After hearing about Joan Rivers death, I was deeply moved because I can’t imagine the way her daughter feels at this moment.  Then I saw the news about them having a red carpet at her funeral and it got me to think…Is there such a  thing as funeral etiquette?  Is it too old school to think that funerals are meant for a moment to reflect on the life of the person and not a moment to throw a big party or is it okay to throw a big party at the funeral?

Back in the days, I remember attending funerals and you could not even speak a word before someone gave you a glare but so much has changed now.  It’s now accepted when people throw parties at funeral or make more of an event rather than a funeral.

Regardless, what is the proper etiquette in funerals?  From my own experience and opinion, there are a few things to keep in mind when you do attend a funeral.

1.  Selfies at the funeral.  This one I still can’t grasp around this idea how people go to funerals and they start taking selfies with the deceased.  I mean really?  At first I thought it was a joke or a prank but it wasn’t at all; people were really taking selfies.  And not only with the deceased but they were also going around and taking selfies with people that they haven’t seen in a long time.  I understand that funerals can bring families and friends together but it is not a social butterfly scene and for you to start taking pictures with everyone.

2.  Turn the cell phones off.  I really do not know why is it so hard for some people to just remember that there needs to be some sort of peace, serenity and silence in a funeral.  It gives the person who is mourning a time to think or even grasp what is happening.  If the call is so important, then just stand up and go outside and take care of what you have to do but there is no reason why there needs to be a conversation inside the funeral home.

3.  Not being considerate to the feelings of the grieving family members.  One way this is shown is by talking and laughing too loud while there is silence in the room.  We don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves but to try to keep the focus and respect to the one that has passed away.  Usually at the end of the funeral, people do use the time to hello to old friends and family members that they haven’t seen in a long time.  In this case, more people are speaking and the noise level is raised as opposed to in the beginning of the funeral when it is usually quite.

Do you have a great story to share about improper manners at a funeral?  Please post comments below or go to Charis by Design facebook page so we can all join in the conversation.


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