What does Happy Father’s Day mean to you?

Dad and kid on beach

Today is the day when you give thanks to your dad, grandpa, uncle or that special person who has helped you be the person you are today.  I am thankful to my dad because he worked so hard to give us the best that he could offer.  For years, he worked as a taxi driver late nights and mornings to provide us the life that he didn’t have when he grew up.  He always told me the story about how in the Dominican Republic his dad made him work when he was a kid instead of going to school.  It really breaks my heart that he changed everything around and gave us the best so that we didn’t have to work and focus more on our education.  He truly is the best dad that I could have asked for and I will always appreciate all of his hard work.  His love was unconditional and giving.

Another special person in my life is my husband.  He is the best dad to my kids that I could have ever asked for because his love for my kids is unconditional.  He provides for them, takes care of them and even changes their diapers.  He is patient and loving and I am grateful for him.

On this special day, what does Happy Father’s Day mean to you? There are so many things that you could do for them.

  1. Personalized gifts from albums, t-shirts and pens
  2. Golf set
  3. Tickets to a game

Gifts could be endless, really.  Honestly, the best gift that I have found are not what you give them but how you spend the day with them.  Tell your special person that you love them and make the day count.  Even if things don’t go as perfect as you planned it, it’s about how you handle it and make the best of it.  I remember one time that I was making breakfast in bed for my hubby, the kids started screaming and acting up and everything that I planned for just went down the drain.  In the middle of all the chaos, my daughter gave me a kiss and a hug and that moment melted my heart and it made me remember what the real meaning of Father’s day is.  It’s about giving thanks for all of their hard work.

Share your favorite story about your dad or that special man in your life regardless if they were the best dad or not.  I think sharing memories makes it even more special.  I would love to hear all types of stories in the comments below.




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  • Jenn

    Great post! This year for Fathers’ Day we gave my husband 2 cherry trees and my dad a remote control airplane

    • Those were very thoughtful gifts! I am sure they got to enjoy their gifts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Michelle

    Love your post!!

  • kathleen kennedy leon

    We got my husband a great shirt for our son to wear that has a pix of my hubby’s face and he is a superhero and the shirt says my hero–they both loved it!!

  • Reelmama

    What a sweet post, so nice to see something from the heart. We celebrated Father’s Day with my husband just by eating out. You know, eating out with a preschooler isn’t always easy, but like you said, it keeps life interesting and the unconditional love they show reminds us why we do it!

  • mail4rosey

    This is a nice post! My husband and father-in-law both ooh and ahh over the homemade gifts from the kids. I don’t think they even remember the purchased gifts. That’s a good quality, don’t you think? I did make a big score last year though with On Circle Deck seats to the Tigers ballgame. 😉