What is Equestrian Style?


Equestrian style to me is all about showing everything that is related to English riding or polo.  Looking back, I remember not liking the look of plaid.  But now, I look at equestrian style in a whole different light. The best part is that many designers are taking this style and adding their own twist.

The key with this style is to just accessorize it with vintage and flea market finds.  Every Saturday is an exciting day for me because it’s the day to go out to flea markets or garage selling and find those little vintage accessories that will just add some style to your home or even your wardrobe. So, you do not have to spend too much money to add some new element to your home.

If you are looking to add the equestrian style to your home or your wardrobe, just think of adding that saddle brown, hunter green, burgundy, tartan plaid into the mix and you got at least a glimpse of what equestrian style is all about.  In my opinion, I find it quite funny when you see a pair of riding boots or a helmet when you actually don’t ride horses.  If you do not ride, it’s ok, you can just add some pictures or paintings of horses and that will add another element to this style.

Authenticity  and elegance can describe this style.  Take a moment to relax and change up your home or wardrobe to a completely different style.






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