What is the best age to start your kid in a sport?


As my kids are now getting older, I started thinking if I should sign them up to some sort of sport.  My son has so much energy and I would love for him to burn that energy off and at the same time make some friends along the way.  But still the question remains, is it too early to sign them up at the age of five?

After reading articles on the matter, I was more confused and mixed than ever! Other articles suggest to wait until they are 10 years old before you sign them up to play a sport because of injuries.  It goes even further to say that if you only sign them up in one sport then the kids will have even serious injuries.  There are so many different articles out there to talk about with different point of views.  I am no expert in the matter, but I do want my kids to have fun playing outside of the home.  It is so easy to just plop your kids in front of the television and that is not what I want them to do.  I want them to have a childhood that is filled with laughter and running around outside.  I grew up not having to be a part of a league because I was always playing outside with anything that my imagination allowed me.  But, nowadays we live in a scary world where anything bad can happen so you really have to be selective where they play and whom they play with and it really breaks my heart that it has come to this point.

I wish my kids would have experienced a world where you can run outside without a care in the world.  Where neighbors would look out for each other and the door could be left wide open.  Where everyone knew your family and you knew their family as well.  However, this is not my reality, I have to make the best with what I have with my kids.

At the end of the day, you do what you think is best for your family and kids.  For now, I will sign up my five year old to a sport I think will be great for him to have some fun.  If he decides to change a sport later or not do any sports, then I will deal with that matter when the problem arrives.  I just want to be the best parent that I can be for my kids.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Did you sign up your kids at an early age?

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  • Susan Maccarelli

    Good question! My kids are 3 and 4. I’ll probably just ask them once the option comes available. I think they can start soccer and t-ball pretty early. I never played sports as a kid and with I had looking back. I think there is a lot to learn there.

  • http://cheshirecatlookingglass.com/ Cheshire Cat

    I was thinking about this one, I think when they are asking I’ll make the decision.

  • Still DatingMySpouse

    Such a good question. My boy is 9 and he wants to play football I’m not ready. He has been playing softball since he was 4 but the harder sports I’m not ready so I don’t know the right age.