What shoes are in style for Spring 2014

heelsWhile Christmas is in the air and everyone is getting ready for the holiday, there are some of us who are just waiting to see what the next trends will be for Spring 2014.  It may be early for others, but for us fashionista’s we love to be in the mix!

It’s exciting to see what designers are doing with the old trends and how they are bringing it back to life.  There are some shoes that will always be a staple throughout the seasons and those are the single sole pump and the ankle straps. But, if you really want to know what shoes are in style for Spring 2014, then here are a few styles to look out for:

1. Gladiators are making it’s way back.  It’s coming back even stronger than ever.  There are so many different ways that the shoe will come in: butterfly gladiator, knee high, and ankle high as well.  Its the perfect sandal to wear and looks trendy at the same time.  These sandals can be worn by men and women, depending on the style of course, but most of the styles are geared towards women.








2.  Mules is the one shoe that will be trending for Spring.  This style has already existed in either a sporty look or elegant.  But, now it has a mix of both worlds.  It can have a chunky heel or a sleek kind of look.

3.  Birkenstock shoe is back believe it or not! This used to be a huge hit in the 90s and I just could not believe that this shoe was being brought back.  The upside is that it really does have a new fresh look.








4.  Pointed toe shoes are a big hit for Spring as well.  You can get them in booties, flats, or heels.  Either way, pointed toe shoes are the way to go.

5.  Chunky platforms also made it’s way back into our closets.  They are uncomfortabley high sometimes but I have to admit that they always look great with anything from a pair of shorts to a sundress.










These are my top five shoes for Spring.  I would love to hear your thoughts!! Let me know what you think! Happy shopping!

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