What to expect for Pre-fall 2014

vc shoeAre you thinking about Fall yet?  Winter has not technically left us yet and tomorrow marks the first day of Spring.  Now they are even predicting a Spring snowstorm! I just hope that the weather people are wrong and that the snow gets diverted.    This has been the worst winter for a very long time.  We did not get a break well maybe just once.  So, you must be thinking that I am crazy for looking at Fall 2014? But, I always like to look ahead and see what will be the newest trends that will be either a hit or fail.

  1.  Lavender as one of the colors to watch out for actually really surprised me.  Usually, lavender is used for summer or spring, but like I always say that there are no set of rules in Fashion.  Don’t be fooled with this color because it’s subtle and feminine at the same time.
  2. Plaid is from the 90s but it seems like it’s never going to go away.  The new trend is plaid on top of plaid.  If done right, it can look very nice but I can see this being worn the wrong way on so many levels.
  3. Fringes: When I think of fringes, I think of the 70s.  During that time you saw fringes everywhere.  I remember that I wanted this purse with fringes and I was too little to get that purse.  My mom was so strict with me and what I could or could not wear.  I didn’t understand it then but now that I am a mom too, I totally understand.  Allowing your kids to dress older than their own age in my opinion you are not allowing them to be kids.
  4. Gauchos pants are three quarter length hem pants for this spring.  The difference is that now they are adding high-waisted gauchos.
  5. Puffed up sleeves.  I would have never imagined this returning but it did come back.  If you are going for a historical look or folkloric then get a puffed up sleeve

How would you wear these new trends? I want to hear all about it.

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