Why am I obsessed with handbags?

It’s partly because I have seen the handbags evolve throughout the years.  It became more about making a statement, showing your status, and even your earning power.  A women used to carry a purse to just have a few items but now the handbag is like a suitcase to most women who work.  They have to carry everything just in case something happens.  Over the years, I have had an obsession with always looking at different bags and to see how creative directors have been able to change a simple handbag to a piece of art.

I have added the Jessica Simpson handbag because I feel that it makes a fashion statement without breaking your bank.  The styles are very trendy and I love the fact that I get compliments for the bag.  It is versatile and perfect for any occasion when you need to carry a few items or just essentials.  There are some cute details that makes this little bag stand out above the crowd.

I think that this is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.  I would love to hear your feedback.

Jessica Simpson Floral Garden Hobo Bag - Snake Camel

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