Why are wide shoes hard to find?


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Believe it or not finding cute wide shoes is really tough, at least I have been told by one of my dearest friends.  They have such a hard time that they actually requested I write a post on finding a cute pair of wide shoes.  The funny thing is that finding the right pair of shoes can sometimes be challenging but when you have wide feet it becomes even harder to find.  Here are a few pointers when shopping:

1.  If your feet are wide, always ask a sales person if that style comes in a wide width.  Many stores now have their styles online so if you don’t see it at the store make sure to look online for that style. Perhaps you might have better luck checking online.

2.  The best time to shop for shoes is in the evening or late afternoon.  Because your feet swell up towards the end of the day after a long day, you will be able to see if the shoe fits perfectly.

3.  Make sure to eliminate old shoes because they can really strain foot muscles, ankle sprains or make you slip.  I notice that shoes that were once comfortable are not as comfortable anymore so that’s how I know I need a new pair of shoes.

Now the question is where can you shop for wide shoes? Don’t completely rule out online.  I know that many women like to shop at the stores to try them on and see how they feel but now many online stores give the opportunity to return without any hassles.  Here are my top choices:

1.  Endless.com: Amazon has everything and now it has shoes! Try shopping for shoes there as well and let me know your experience.

2.  Jessica London: They have great shoes assortment as well.  It is for plus size women but they have cute shoes for wide feet.

3.  Zappos: they have endless number of wide shoes to choose from so check out which shoe is right for you.

4.  Payless has wide shoes that are on trend.  The quality is not the best but they are inexpensive.  As long as you toss them out at the end of the season.

Now there is no excuse to find a good pair of shoes!! Have some fun in shopping and if you could send me a picture of your latest find, I would love to hear it!

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