Why are you not allowed to wear white after Labor Day? Who made up this rule?

5734860459_36184b8fa4I am still in shock that Labor Day weekend is here! Where did the summer go? Why did it have to leave so quickly?  I love summer but the exciting part about saying goodbye to summer is saying hello to Fall.  I just love the fall colors and boots! If you are obsessed with shoes as much as I am, then you are a boot lover too!

Now that Labor Day is here, the big question that everyone always asks is: why are you not allowed to wear white after Labor Day? Who made up this rule? And if so, how to wear white after Labor Day?

My rule is always this rule: There are no rules! You have to make up your own rules.  If you think that you can’t pull off white after Labor Day then go the safe route and don’t wear white.  But, if you like to experiment and be a rebel then why fit yourself inside of a box with all the rules.  Technically speaking fall begins September 22nd so you can still wear it beforehand but you can still wear it after the 22nd in small dosage.

The trick to wearing white after Labor Day is to have one featured item on your entire outfit.  You can have a cute white clutch, handbag, belt, accessories or a blouse.  I just would not have a whole outfit in white.  But I think one great piece can bring an outfit to whole new level.  White can be such a great color to wear so why should you feel restricted?  What kind of white outfits can be pulled together? Here are a few items that I think are great throughout the winter and fall:

White Dress: Before you would never dare to wear a white dress during the winter, but now a white dress can get you noticed at a party; and you might just be the trendiest one there.  Why? Because white dresses are winter dresses and they look stunning when you wear it correctly.

White jeans: They are allowed as long as you wear them with the right undergarment and not too tight please.  If you wear white jeans with a black turtleneck and some cute ballet flats with the right accessories then you’ll have a great outfit for day or night.

White coats: I love seeing either a white coat or a nude color coat.  In my opinion, it looks beautiful and it fits perfect for the winter.  The only downfall is that it gets dirty really quick and you have to upkeep it.  But, it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe.  If you don’t have one, then you must go out and get one.

Make the best of what you have and have fun with it! Be different and stand out from the crowd.  Because after all, that is what a true fashionista is!

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  1. How do you wear polka dots with stripes?
  • reesa l

    This is great! I am not a fashionista so I am probably always breaking some sort of rule!

    • Actually breaking the rules is great when it’s done right. But you don’t have to be a fashionista to look fantastic. I always say “Don’t underestimate yourself”! Have a great labor day! 🙂

  • Victoria H

    I always wondered about this rule as well.

  • Alaina Bullock

    I have always wondered the same thing! And what does it really matter? I just disregard it… a fashionista I am not!

  • Catherine L.

    I’ve always been one to break rules, so of course I wear white all throughout the year! I love seeing white coats and dresses in the winter!

    • It’s great when you can make your own rules and set your own trends. Have a great labor day weekend 🙂

  • Taryn Pasco

    I love white clothing/accessories so I always break “the rules” I guess. That is a pretty silly rule. 😉

    • I love white too! I am glad I am not the only one 🙂

  • Amanda McMahon

    i still don’t understand this entirely random rule… but thanks for breaking the rule

  • Sheila Worthington

    That’s right where did summer go, and if it’s fall then the winter blues which is longer than any season. anyway, I have no clue about this rule not wearing white on labor day. it only shows that i am not from this country. good thing i read this post. I may or may not follow the rule before because i did not know.

    • That’s okay if you did not know this rule. But the beauty about fashion is setting your own rules. You don’t have to follow what everyone else does because it makes you unique when you don’t. At least that’s what I think. Hope you have a great labor day weekend 🙂

  • malia p

    I never followed that rule! Really don’t get it.

    • I don’t get it either. Hope you have a great labor day! Enjoy 🙂