Why do we make Gingerbread houses at Christmas?


My 4 year old ask me this question when we were at the supermarket one day.  He saw another kid pick it up and asked his mom to purchase it for him.  So, of course, my 4 year old wanted to have one as well but he asked me why do we make gingerbread house at Christmas?

I have to admit that I was a bit stunned with that question because I really did not know the answer.  My family did not have this tradition of making gingerbread cookies or houses for that matter.  I just answered him because they taste delicious and I actually bought it so we can make it ourselves and have some fun in making it.

The best part about having your family is that you can start your own traditions even if your family never did them in the past.  I purchased a kit and can I tell you that the excitememtn that this kit created in my house was well worth it.  They were both soo excited about making the gingerbread house and loved to decorate the little house and place all the candy.


It was cute to see their faces light up with excitement when it was finished because now they get to eat what they made.

In the end, I did do a bit of research on how it started and the story is that in Germany some villages would assemble gingerbread homes to look like their real village and then the kids got to eat the display afterwards.  After the Hansel & Greatel story, it became more popular and now it is enjoyed by everyone in the world.


Happy to report that I love this great small tradition and as long as the kids love it then I will continue to make these little treats for my kids.  I displayed a picture of how ours turned out and it is not the best looking gingerbread house.  But I am extremely proud that my kids decorated the house by themselves and had a blast in the process.




Merry Christmas! xoxo

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