Winter Boots: Getting ready fo the cold winter!


After Halloween, the months start rushing by and before you know it…it’s Winter! I can already see all the leaves on the floor and it’s getting windy.  I love the Fall but I am not crazy about winter except for the snow on Christmas morning; that’s about it.  lol.  Winter is such a hard season because it’s cold and long and you are pretty much stuck at home.  If you live in the north, then you know what cold is.  The freezing weather when you can’t feel your toes or your hands or anything for that matter.  And if you live in the city like Manhattan you are waiting for the bus or train and you are so cold that you don’t know what to do anymore but just stand still and hope for the best.

This time around I decided that I need to get prepared for this winter season.  I went out shopping for some boots and I found some pretty cute ones.  I hope these boots keep me warm throughout this winter.  It’s all about how you bundle yourself.  I always use more than one pair of socks and tights when I am in the city because it gets so cold.  But I think if you have a good pair of boots, it can really make a difference.







Are you ready to sit in front of a chimney and listen to Christmas music?

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  • Mama to 5 Blessings

    I wish the weather here was cold enough to wear boots, in South florida cold snap is 60 degrees!

  • Kathy

    There is NOTHING that I love wearing more than my winter boots! I like to splurge on a new pair or two every year!