ZooBoo Kids Review at Tampa Lowry Park Zoo 2015

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The best opportunity was presented to do a very exciting blog review for Lowry Park’s annual zoo boo.  Upon arrival, they give the kids bags so they can go trick or treating around the zoo.  The kids got excited just knowing that they will get candy.  As soon as you enter the zoo, there is music to greet you; the kids really loved this.  What kid does not love to dance to music? I think it is a great way to get the kids started.

The petting zoo was one of their favorite spots.  They got to feed them and touch them in person.  It was nice seeing them not being afraid of petting the animals.  My son really loved feeding the goats.

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We also had a chance to do the fun house and my son was really excited about it.  As we walked through the fun house we made it a fun time and the kids didn’t get scared at all.



There are so many Halloween attractions to go with your little ones.  Between the trick or treat, fun house, and rides the kids will really enjoy going to the zoo without getting scared.

Keep exploring new activities for your little ones!



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